Case Study of Lure of the Labyrinth

As part of the DEECD’s Innovating with Technologies Serious Games Trial, Pentland Primary School was selected as a case study school for our use of Lure of the Labyrinth in our grade 5/6 classroom.

We had great success with implementing this game as part of our Numeracy program, and I have created a report with details of the game, work samples, photos, reflections and some of the assessment data we collected.

The document includes some detail into how we used the game with our students and how we assessed students before, during and after using the game.


The full PDF document, which includes the assessment data collected throughout the project, is available through this link (large file). I hope this will be useful to teachers looking to implement the use of Lure of the Labyrinth with their students. Our students really enjoyed playing the game last year and my grade this year are begging to get started with it this year!

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