Here are links to some of the presentations I have done on the topic of Gaming and other technologies in the classroom.

Recording of my presentation at the DEECD 2010 Innovations Showcase. Click here.

Recording of my online presentation in Elluminate for Tech Talk Tuesdays on June the 16th 2010. Click here (please allow a couple of minutes to load).

Barwon South West video on Disrupting Class – Chapter 8: Forging a Consensus for Change – Click Here.

DEECD ILE Expo 4 Presentation – SlidesPodcast

Barwon South West Ultranet Lead User Video

VITTA 2011 Presentation on Lure of the Labyrinth – Click here.

Podcast for ABC Splash on Games in Education with myself, Dan Donahoo and Annabel Astbury – Click here.


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  1. Narelle Saville says:

    It’s a small world…My name is Narelle Saville and I currently work at Bendigo TAFE. I’m currently studying Grad. Cert in Tertiary Teaching at Ballarat Uni and my assignments is to design or convert my current lessons material into being a more active learning environment. This will be achieved through active student participation or “Learning to play, Playing to Learn”. Your Blog page is exactly what Universities are trying to now implement and incorporate into their teaching styles for they realise just how important student engagement is in the learning environment. Well done for being ahead of the game!! Keep up the good work!!

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